AN insurance policy is being launched which for the first time ever will allow a fishery to insure some or all of its fish stocks against loss.

The policy insures against loss through things like disease or pollution on a price per pound per species basis and relies on the evidence of deceased fish, so excludes causes like loss through poaching.

The company, Mead Sport and Leisure, is based in Norfolk and has grown over 16 years to be the largest independent provider of insurance to fishing clubs and commercial fisheries in Great Britain and all Ireland. Mead has 1,600 clients of which 1,100 are angling clubs or commercials.

Commercial director Keith Letchford explained: “This kind of policy has never been available before as the issues around it are complex, but we managed to work out a way of doing it and enquiries are starting already.

“We have developed our range of products over the years in response to consumer need, and pride ourselves on personal service, knowing each customer by their first name.

“Until now we have never formally advertised, but grown through word of mouth and personal recommendation.”

Keith added: “Some years back we realised that public liability insurance for fisheries was not in itself enough so we developed a policy for clubs where each member is covered wherever they go fishing, not just on the club’s own waters.

“We also adapted our policies to cover guns when a licence to cull cormorants is involved.”

“Now this new development is the first time a policy to cover fish stocks has ever been available and I am confident that it will prove very popular,” he concluded.

Interested? For the new fish stocks cover, complete the proposal form online or call Mead’s angling hotline 0800 0850 261. You can email Mead to:  Check out all their insurance options on their website: