IT was a hit-or-miss week at angling holiday mecca White Acres in the far South West on England.


main pic catimage

Many impressive catches at the Cornish lakes included this stonking 61 lb 15 oz catfish to Dean Jeremy.

Dean, from the West Midlands, was hoping for his first 20 lb carp whilst tackling White Acres’ Pat’s Pool when his chod rig fished Mainline Fruitella boilie tripped up the mega moggie.

The 25-year-old had to call on the assistance of another angler to help hold the fish so he could get pukka pictures.

Meanwhile three anglers had their cars broken into at the end of the Bait-Tech Festival. Which saw bagging action at the popular complex, near Newquay. That’s despite significant signage warning anglers of the perils of leaving gear in their cars.

One of the unlucky anglers was matchman Mark Brown, who had over £6,000 worth of poles and rods stolen, and he commented: ‘I know it has happened before and usually seems to be when we are in the bar for the presentation at the end of the festival – whoever is doing it definitely knows when to strike.

‘With the sort of anglers you get on these festivals there is a lot of money worth of tackle between everyone,” added Mark, from Hertfordshire, whose gear was not insured.

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