MONSTER carp specialist Warren Harrison smashed through the magic ton barrier with an amazing 101 lb 8 oz specimen on his latest trip to top Hungarian venue Euro-Aqua.

Warren, who had a brace of 90s on one of his previous visits, hooked this giant on the sixth day of his stay at the World record venue.

It’s not the same fish which last year took the World record carp title at 105 lb 13 oz – Euro-Aqua’s second leviathan to claim the ultimate heavyweight crown.

Warren explained: “I’ve now caught carp in every weight from 20 lb right through to a 100 in there and I think I’m the only person to catch three carp over 90 lb.

“I had baited the swim 120 yards out with two kilos of Mainline cell and hybrid boilies daily and left the fish to have a free feed before casting to the area. The first cast produced a take from the huge specimen.

“It gave a slow run then moved off steadily to the left, and then put up solid resistance for a full 30 minutes before slipping into the net. Incredibly I have never caught this particular fish before.”

Pest controller Warren, 54, from Manchester, used an Ashima Tackle Goliath size 6 barbless hook and a Mainline Cell and Hybrid combo as bait.

Halfway through his two-week stay he had already had over 30 fish including eight over 50 lb and two over 60 on top of the 100-pounder.

Amazing Euro-Aqua and its World record carp

The Euro-Aqua water is known for its huge specimens that are heavily fed by the owner on a daily basis throughout the year with up to four tonnes of maize going in a week.

Warren’s catch is the second biggest carp ever caught by a British angler, just behind a 104 lb 2 oz mirror to Portsmouth, Hampshire based Stephen Weir last year from the same venue.

The World record of 105 lb 13 oz fell to Czech angler Tomas Krist in May 2015 and now Warren thinks that fish, and his latest hulk, is not alone in having such potential.. he says quite a few carp could go above that figure from the amazing 28 acre venue.

Thomas Krist and the World record carp at 105 lb 13 oz.

Thomas Krist and the World record carp at 105 lb 13 oz.

Warren said: “I am coming back again this June to have another crack at the record. I believe there are probably six fish over 100 lb in the venue. I’m sure I am the only man in the world to have caught three carp over 90 lb!”

Find out more about Euro-Aqua, including how it shot to fame, here.

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