TOP specialist angler Mike Davidson ended a quest for a personal best chub with this 7 lb 10 oz monster – after fining his tackle right down.

The 36-year-old from Shepperton, Surrey, got his target fish in just a one-hour session on his local River Thames after dropping down to a 2 lb 6 oz trace.

Mike, who beat his PB by 6 oz, explained: “The fish came first cast after spending ten minutes flicking in bits of bread. I also finished up with two other chub over 5 lb and a 7 lb bream.

“The simple but successful tactics were link legered bread flake on a new 12ft Drennan Acolyte feeder rod in conjunction with a 2 lb 6 oz Supplex fluorocarbon hooklength and a size 6 Specimen hook.

“The rod is just unbelievable, light in the hand and soft enough to fish for roach and dace, but has enormous reserves if you hook something a bit better.

“I also have so much confidence in scaling down to those lighter fluoro hooklengths as I have been using them for over a year now and it’s surprising how much stick you can give them.
“I even had a 9 lb 5 oz barbel from the River Ivel last week on the same hooklength and rod set up.

“The river had cleared right up after ten days of no real rain so I’m sure the finesse of the set-up gave me a little edge. They were not worried about the size of the hook as it was concealed by a rather large lump of flake.

“I’d fished the swim six times over the last month or so with only one chub of 5 lb 13 oz to show for my efforts, but just had a hunch it could produce something much bigger. I’m glad I stuck it out!” he concluded.

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