ANGLERS are fighting back with online petitions to counter threats of losing top quality fishing.

Amidst a number of battles brought to the Mail’s attention in recent weeks, there has been good news in one case. But other battles are very much ongoing.

After 70 years the Forestry Commission acted to stop Farnham AS’s 3,500 members fishing at Lodge Pond in Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire… with just five days notice!

FAS were outraged, as they have provided access to disabled anglers, helped manage the surrounding area for families, and in 2009, invested over £8,000 to further improve facilities.

Their lease was terminated by an abrupt letter, without negotiation, appeal or discussion.

Meanwhile, Essex carp mecca Aquatels could soon be awash with water sports activities. It is claimed that will ruin quality fishing developed over ten years by hard-working Tony Prayel, until he sadly passed away in his bedchair last summer.

And it’s not just coarse anglers who are harnessing the internet. Sea anglers are also battling a ban on fishing in East Sussex.

Rother District Council proposed two bye-laws. One bans fishing on Bexhill beach in a designated area from 9am to 6pm, from May 1 to September 30. Secondly, they propose a bye-law that forbids fishing ‘in such a manner as to cause danger, obstruction or annoyance to any person using the seashore’.  This applies to the whole of the Rother shoreline – Pevensey Bay to Camber.
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