Our new issue brings you highlights of some sexy carp products – many revealed for the very first time at the Brentwood Carp Show in Essex.

But there was something extra cooking at the show, detailed here in full for our website by Adam Rayner. Also check out Adam’s video of this carpy cooking fest over at our YouTube channel, ANGLERSMAILTV

Scott Ratcliffe and Jerry Hammond

Hey, what's cooking Mr Carpy? Jerry Hammond, the Nash carp ace (right), gets the dinner on with master chef Scott Ratcliffe (left).

Super chef Scott wows the crowds at Brentwood Carp Show

SCOTT RATCLIFFE, member of the professional chefs’ Master Chef Of Great Britain organisation, has been working at the highest level in the restaurant trade for years, two decades served.

As part of his generally wide-ranging foodie entrepreneurship, he runs a chef recruitment agency for the absolute cream of the trade. Marco, Heston and Gordon call him when they want the absolute best chefs around and Scott can tell if they are touched by greatness, as he has cooked in places with Michelin stars. He’s even helped one establishment to garner a new one via his own fine dining chef’s expertise.

Add them up and he’s worked under the glow of a ruddy constellation of Michelin stars…

Scott is the absolute State of the Art when it comes to gripping a single Wychwood cook pan and rustling up some top quality nosh on the bank. Sponsored by Wychwood, hence the choice of carpy cookware – there’s lots out there, some better than others – he has been making telly with thebigfish.tv, an internet TV channel run by an award-winning film maker called Dom Morgan.

The Bivvy Bistro, Cooking on the Bank series on thebigfish.tv is subtitled, ‘Cook like the masters, impress your mates and live the good life!’ It’s all about healthy eating, with the use of the sort of fresh ingredients that you can easily take with and are about as tough to care for and transport with proper food safety as a sausage!

The Don's 'appy - Derek Ritchie, the Maver carp god, knows the value of pukka tukka on the banks when he's bivvied up.

Described as culinary bankside education, it was decided to take the man himself on the road to tour the tackle shows and this was the first one of these evangelical outings.

Tucked in his own bivvy at the end of the marquee erected outside the Brentwood Centre at the recent Carp Show, Dom had organised for Scott to be filmed teaching some of the great and the good of the carp scene, how to better look after those most crucial cogs in any angler – your brain and body. They had two sets of Wychwood cookware and ingredients, set before two stubby buckets to perch the celebrity anglers upon and boy did they recruit them as well as Scott nabs top chefs!

Top carpers Derek ‘The Don’ Ritchie, Lee Jackson, Jerry Hammond, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott and Rob Maylin did their thing – before finishing off with a final cook-up with Scott’s wife Samantha Ratcliffe, a bright rising star in the women’s angling scene.

It was universally well received and will be happening at shows up and down the land this year – check out the stars’ “What I love to eat on the bank” recipes in Angler’s Mail during 2011.

Click here to watch Scott Ratcliffe with Adam Rayner (plus other videos from Brentwood) at our YouTube channel, ANGLERSMAILTV

Hmm.... too much chilli, Chilly? Scott Ratcliffe (left) studies the skills of Fox carp fishing expert Ian Chillcott.