PIKE fishing legend Fred Buller MBE, credited with inspiring a generation of anglers, sadly passed away last week after losing his battle with cancer.

Fred Buller, who was 89, was best known for his The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike which was published in 1979. Hardback copies can now sell for over £400.

It was the first book of its kind, looking at all of the big pike that had been caught, or even netted or found dead, historically – including mythical beasts from the previous century as well as more recent authenticated captures!

Fred also caught big pike himself, and was widely rated as one of the leaders of the sport.


The Domesday Books live on

Although best known for his pike books, Fred was a prolific author writing about all sort of coarse and game angling, with his most recent book ‘The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon’, published in 2007, selling out of the special edition copies long before it even came to publication.

Renowned pike angler and fellow pike fishing historian Neville Fickling commented: “The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike was Fred’s greatest work and there will never be the likes of that again.

“Not only in terms of the content, but also in the inspirational writing style, and I know that myself and many others carried it around with us and wished that we had been around when all of these big pike were – it was such a unique book.

“He was the first great modern-day pike historian and he inspired me to write my Mammoth Pike book, which Fred wrote the forward for,” added the former pike record holder.

Fred was also responsible for starting the Frederick Beasley business in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, which sold and manufactured fishing tackle and guns – although that mainly focussed on fly fishing, which was another passion of Fred’s. The shop made its name with hand-built shotguns which change hands for over £100,000 for a pair.

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