INSURANCE broker Pete Williamson knew bream were a problem at a Northamptonshire day ticket water but and after wading through loads of slabs notched this fine 2 lb 14 oz roach.

The 48-year-old from Bedford used a blockend feeder helicopter rig with a 3 in. 4 lb trace to a size 16 hook with double red maggot.

Pete explained: “I decided to target the small number of specimen roach amongst the vast shoals of bream.

“The plan seemed to be dashed when after a biteless two hours the bream finally found my bait with 14 slabs up to 9 lb – good fun, but not what I wanted.

“I decided to reduce the introduction of bait and the bream moved on.

After an hour of inaction, a bold drop back, followed by a distinctive jagging fight and the big redfin was soon in the net.

“It is great when a plan comes together and is especially pleasing as it makes it a trio of 2 lb roach from three different day ticket venues.”

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