CASED fish purporting to be British record carp Two Tone have hit the market - with even the weight labelled incorrectly on the plaque, Angler's Mail has revealed.

Unwitting anglers are buying the poor casts of the big mirror carp that still holds the British record at 67 lb 8 oz for when Oz Holness landed it in 2008 from Mid-Kent Fisheries’ Conningbrook Lake.

The fake record carp have a weight of ’67 lb 14 oz’ printed on the side of the case. That’s the weight that Oz’s catch was first  reported at – not the actual official record weight that was concluded after a check on the scales used at the time.

The famous fish itself died in August 2010 and was buried.

Jon Pack, who caught the big ‘un at 64 lb 5 oz in 2004, said: “There seems to be a lot of these casts appearing lately. It’s not the best representation of Two Tone that’s for sure.

“I can’t see the appeal in cased fish and to be honest I think the real reason Two Tone wasn’t set up was because the sheer size it would have been in a case!”


This is just a short version of the full story that appeared exclusively in Angler’s Mail magazine.