THE Government’s announcement of extra resources for children’s mental health issues has been warmly welcomed by an organisation which takes fishing into schools.

Fishing 4 Schools is a charity under the umbrella of the Countryside Alliance and it works closely with the Angling Trust to promote fishing as a way of easing stress and pressure on youngsters with difficulties.

Director Charles Jardine explained: “I would hope that some of the resources Government is committed to introducing can find their way to increase the reach of our valuable project.

“Many of the children and young adults who attend Fishing 4 Schools courses across the country attend special schools, and a number of them have issues that affect their mental health.”

“Our courses help pupils re-engage with education, building their confidence and self-esteem, while at the same time assisting with new qualifications and skills.

“We meet a lot of children who need a calming influence that helps to repair some of the pressures they come under, and angling does provide this.

“We make it more accessible to children who are otherwise unlikely to have that experience, and it can help link them into the local community,” Charles told Angler’s Mail.

No Government funding

Charles continued: “We have been into about 64 schools, operate as far afield as Sheffield, Norfolk and South Wales, have 20 part-time paid coaches around the country and we make no charge for what we do.

“We don’t receive any money directly from Government and rely on voluntary fundraising and donation from kind benefactors and companies including tackle firms.

“We have worked closely with the Angling Trust to introduce AIMS which is a qualification whose credits can go towards a GCSE.

“It is hard to produce hard evidence of our work easing mental health problems but it certainly helps children with difficulties.”


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