THE biggest eel of the season has been banked at a whopping 8 lb 2 oz to wriggler ace Mark Salt.


And a few days before he nabbed a 6 lb 1 oz sample in a remarkable spree at a secret Middlesex syndicate water.

High Cross, Hertfordshire-based Mark blitzed his old PB of 7 lb 11 oz with the super snake that had a girth of 10.25 in. and 42.5 in. long.

Mark, who is environment officer for the National Anguilla Club, explained: “I caught at 9.30pm on a Dyson rig fished six inches off bottom using hair rigged lobworms on a circle hook to a 45 lb Quicksilver trace and fished over dead maggots.

“I had two dropped runs in the 20 minutes prior to this, which I am sure came from the same fish.

“I caught a 6 lb 1 oz eel from the same water three days prior to this when barometric pressure was low, and conditions perfect, just after a new moon.

“I was in two minds as to whether to fish on the following Saturday night, as pressure had soared to 1025 mb and a clear night was forecast.

“However, this eel obviously doesn’t know when the best conditions to feed are, and took my bait anyway.

“This is a new water for me this season, and has the potential to produce larger fish,” he concluded.

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