MICK MCCALLISTER managed to catch this 140 lb 8 oz catfish in tough conditions.

The 55-year-old carpenter has to use a heavy-duty approach to get the result he wanted on the River Ebro in Spain. He told Angler’s Mail what happened…

“Conditions were terrible,” said Mick, from Barnet, North London.

“Debris was coming down a cold and high river that was the colour of chocolate, the result of Storm Gloria.

“After a blank five days and nights, I managed to catch a winter Ebro cat on a livebait presented under a buoy just off the main flow, where the depth was 4.5 m.

“The strong flow moved the buoy, even though it was anchored to 20 kg of rocks, but eventually we got it to settle.

“The rig consisted of 150 lb braided main line, a 200 lb braid hook link, a Madcat size 4/0 hook and a free-running 20 oz lead.

“At about 11pm, just as the guide checked the clutch on the reels, my rod arched over and the line attached to the buoy was released, signalling a take.

“I struck into something solid, and then a cat tore off downstream. It was a hell of a fight in the strong current.

“To say that I was pleased is an understatement. It’s not a Spanish personal best cat, but a very welcome one in tough conditions.

“We were fishing a private swim at Riba-roja d’Ebre, in Catalonia, a place where livebaiting with carp is legal,” he added.

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