OLD fashioned tactics combined with pre-dawn starts proved they can still be deadly as Colin Hebb recorded two stunning specimens of different species.
Firstly market trader Colin – who is used to early starts – had a 3.30am start to catch a giant 12 lb 1 oz tench and then a few days later made an even earlier 2am start to catch an rivers opening-day 12 lb barbel.
Colin, 31, was on a stillwater close to his Cottingham, East Yorkshire, home when the immense tinca struck.
Colin told the Mail: “I got there at 3.30am and started to bait up my swim with mashed bread.
“I was using a float with just 2BB shot and a size 6 Fox hook with a big piece of bread flake.
“I was pestered with little roach for about three hours and there were no signs of any of my chosen target.
“I started to get line bites – I had to sit on my hands because they were so fast and then at 8am I got a sail-away bite.
“I struck and it just felt like I had hooked the bottom, it made seven really powerful runs into the cabbage weed.”
Hungry for river action, the early-bird swapped over to running water and banked the 12 lb barbel from the upper Trent.
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