TV star Dean Macey caught huge chub and barbel... in no small part due to being caught by a speed camera.

Dean Macey was caught doing 57 miles per hour in a 50 zone in Dorset and was forced to return to do a speed awareness course.

So instead of booking a hotel decided on a night on the Royalty Fishery and matted a 13 lb 6 oz  (above) barbel and chub of 6 lb 5 oz (below) and 5 lb 15 oz.

The 39-year-old explained: “Hand on heart, I actually thought it was a 60 MPH zone… honest officer! Anyway, it turns out that Dorset is the only county in the country where if you get given the option of a speed awareness course it has to be done in Dorset.

“It really was a no brainer so I booked a night fishing the Royalty for £35.

“Not having been on the stretch for 11 years I arrived a few hours before dark to walk the stretch to get a feel for the swims and spots that I fancied. I decided to work right through the night and make the most of the time I had.”

Dean Macey continued: “I noticed some really spooky big chub sat just a few feet from the bank so I drip fed a few Hinders Elips Pellets over the spot for about an hour to gain their confidence.

“Just as the light finally faded I went in with a trimmed down Mainline Hybrid Hooker hair-rigged tight to my hook.

“First put in I missed a very snatchy bite but on my second cast I gave the sneaky buggers a little more rope to hang themselves and one of 6 lb 5 oz did just that.

“The next two swims proved fruitless so at around 3am I was on the move once again to a new area. And lost a big fish but then 20 minutes later had a 5 lb 15 oz chub that helped with my sorry and tired mood.

“Thinking that would be it from the swim I lowered the bait out again with the mindset of actually shutting my eyes for the night. I was on my way to sleepy land when the rod shot into life and the reel started churning with my hand still resting on it.

“The fight was brutal in the flow and every time I tried to dip the net in the river she just refused to come any closer, but finally she gave in.

“At 13 lb 6 oz she was not only a new venue best for me but in her summer colours she has to be one of the best looking barbel to ever grace my net,” added Dean Macey.

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