AN ANGLING club has been devastated by the massive fish kill, which they claim could have been far less serious than it was if the Environment Agency had tackled it better.

Winsford DAA believe five miles of the River Weaver in Cheshire may have suffered a total wipeout, and a further five miles been badly affected.

Six years ago the club was hit by a major pollution of the nearby River Dane, for which United Utilities was fined £35,000, but the club believe the latest incident is much worse.

They believe a toxic slick has travelling through the length, covering Newbridge and Winsford marina, killing everything in its path, but the EA are blaming the weather and suggesting an algal bloom may have been responsible for the crash in oxygen levels.

Winsford DAA fisheries manager Guy Humphreys discovered the fish kill when he was investigating a report of fallen trees in the river where the Weaver runs around the back of the club’s carp lakes.

‘When I got there, there were dead fish everywhere – trout, chub, barbel, dace and roach,’ said Guy.

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