THIS mega specimen known as Three Scale came out at 59 lb 6 oz following a venue's five-month enforced closure.... setting a new record carp weight the whole of Yorkshire.

Scott Kelly recorded the fish just 6 oz below the venue record carp weight at day ticket Erics Angling’s Willows Lake in West Yorkshire.

Fishery bailiff Tom Broomhead said: “Extensive flooding from the River Calder over the whole area has put all our fish under added stress, although fortunately due to our perimeter fencing all returned to the lake as the flooding receded.

“Willows only re-opened in mid-April so fishing baits have been absent, although the diverse range of aquatic invertebrates does provide a rich and abundant natural food source.

“Three Scale is a female so with full spawn after a good winter there is every chance she can go over 60 lb. That fish was stocked at just 9 lb ten years ago!”

Birthday session celebration with record carp

Scott, an IT project manager from nearby Leeds, landed the PB mirror on a two-day session celebrating his 42nd birthday.

He added a PB leather of 45 lb 6 oz, plus five others including another over 40 and two 30s to make it a perfect birthday trip.

He said: “I had previously lost three scale two years before at the net, and she has been my target since then.”

All the fish were caught on Spotted Fin Catalyst Wafter boilies in solid PVA bags filled with Tuna Stix, crumbed freebies, Liquid Tuna, Hemp Oil and GLM, over a scattering of boilies and Beta Fin Pellets, and fished on a size 4 wide Gape and 15 lb Soft Fin Skin.

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