SPESSY ace Vince Cater teamed up with pal Matthew Tann and had a brilliant dace session on his local Hampshire Avon.

The pair nabbed 18 dace over 10 oz including this brace of 14 oz and 12 oz to Vince.

Corsham, Wiltshire-based Vince added chub to 4 lb in the prolific session.

Vince said: “I met Matt by the river and his face told the story. The river was up and rising, chocolate brown and thundering through.

“On any other  day most anglers would have headed for the hills. But with time so precious for both of us – we had booked this session in our diaries weeks ago – we weren’t going to let a little rainwater affect our fishing.

“We walked the river looking for swims that might be fishable and put a plan together dropping in liquidised bread and maggots.

“After an early chub, our baits remained ignored except for a few nuisance trout we were becoming less and less hopeful.”

The next few weeks are prime time for jumbo dace, as Vince and Matthew proved.

“And then the sky become dark, the wind rose and suddenly there was a loud rumble of thunder above in.

“Things became biblical, we were hit hard by a brief hailstorm, then rain and we could visibly see the river continuing to rise.

“With only a couple of hours of the day left we headed out to the final swim of the a day.

“We were beginning to think about calling it a day, so I decided to try something different. I shallowed my float up to 3 ft and cast into the flow under a bridge, within seconds the float sunk.

“The next 45 minutes were a blur but possibly the finest I’ve ever been part of.

“Between myself and Matt we managed 18 dace over the magical 10 oz , three over 12 oz topped by a huge specimen of 14oz.

“I beat my PB twice in one session. Dreamland,” he concluded.

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