THIS could very well be the best catch of heavyweight crucians by any British anglers...

Darren Starkey and pal Matt Smith had a dream crucian carp trip to Sweden.

They  shared 48 specimens including eight fish over the 4 lb 10 oz British record.

The English duo netted two over 5 lb, seven four-pounders, 18 threes and 20 two-pounders and just a single fish over 1 lb.

The crucian carp caught by the pair averaged an astonishing 3 lb 9 oz each.

Selby, North Yorkshire-based Darren explained: “We both had four fish bigger than the UK record topped by a brace of fives.

“All the fish were caught float fishing corn and paste less than a rod length from the bank in 2 feet of water.”

Matt Smith shows one of the huge crucian carp.

Matt Smith shows one of the huge crucian carp.

Crucian carp mecca

Darren added: “I really can’t recommend Lake Ursjön enough. The fishing speaks for itself but the setting is stunning, the wildlife amazing and John B Eriksson was an awesome host.

“We knew the lake held some really big crucians but the holiday was amazing and the fishing really magical.

“Is it the best crucian haul ever? I don’t know but it has to be up there.

“I had a brace of 5 lb 1 oz each and I’m not sure a UK angler has caught a 5 before,” concluded Darren, a 51-year-old RSPB senior site manager.

As Angler’s Mail exclusively reported in 2014, Swedish fishing guide Kim Preducic caught the World’s heaviest crucian carp from the same venue at 6 lb 9 oz 8 dr.

The British crucian carp record is jointly held at 4 lb 10 oz from Surrey’s Johnsons Lake.

The official IGFA World record for crucian carp stands at 5 lb 5 oz from Lago Fasson in Italy by Giacomo Schiavon.

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