JON TAYLOR knew gales and driving rain would mean brilliant fishing conditions and he braved the weather for 48 hours to tempt this venue record 49 lb mirror carp.

Benfleet, Essex-based Jon fished a local syndicate lake where he added a 23 lb sample.

The 42-year-old explained: “After being kept up all night in the most extreme condition with gale force wind and driving rain I was confident.

“Just after first light in the heaviest downpour I was rewarded with this brute named Pete’s Fish at a new personal best.

“The rain continued throughout the photoshoot and considering this I was thrilled with how the photos came out.

“It’s my first season on the lake and only my fourth session. I’ve been having plenty of fish and knew with the carpy conditions I had every chance of banking one of the lakes big ones, but never did I imagine having this one,” he added.

A Sticky Baits Krill pop-up fished at short range did the trick for the mighty mirror carp, with Jon feeding 5 kg of freebies during the session.

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