A LEADING bait maker has revealed the scary struggle he faced fighting off the deadly coronavirus.

Boilie expert Jim Rawcliffe was hospitalised with Covid-19, but is now – thankfully – on the road to recovery.

Jim, who used to run Tails Up Bait before starting up More Takes, told Angler’s Mail about his harrowing Covid-19 ordeal.

London-based Jim said: “After possibly the worst three weeks of my life, I’m glad to say that I count myself incredibly lucky to finally be home from hospital, beginning the very slow process of recovery.

“I can hardly move or do anything for myself, and feel like I’ve been knocked over by a bus.

Covid-19 is ‘truly terrifying’

“Do everything you can to avoid this Covid-19 virus, it is truly terrifying.

“After five days in hospital and ten days previously at home in bed, I think I have post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Surrounded in hospital by the constant 24-hour screaming, shouting, cries for help and people coughing so badly they sounded as if they were going to die in front of me. It was incredibly distressing.

“24 hours a day, teams of nurses and doctors work permanently on the victims.

“You can’t sleep, there’s no rest, and for the first few days I was constantly wondering whether I would be the next one to be carted off to the intensive care unit or be one of the very unlucky ones who didn’t make it.

“In the hospital I was in, last week there were apparently 35 deaths.

Jim Rawcliffe is relieved to be back home, but had a horrific Covid-19 tale to share with fellow anglers.

Jim Rawcliffe is relieved to be back home, but had a horrific Covid-19 tale to share with fellow anglers.

Jim continued: “I had tears rolling down my cheeks, thinking of the suffering I’ve witnessed.

“I feel people really must know what is actually going on, as there is very little Covid-19 coverage of this type being broadcast.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone and their families who are currently going through this.

“Of course, most people will have a relatively mild illness by comparison, but there’s another devastating side to this virus.

“I should also add that there are people of all ages being affected, not just the old.

Thanks for brilliant NHS

“I’d also like to thank the nursing staff for their incredible, selfless efforts and simply for the amount of work that they are all putting in.

“My wife and children have been a fantastic support to me, although I know they were terrified that they might not see dad again. It must have been awful for them as well.

“This has without doubt been a life-changer for me and my family, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens next,” concluded Jim.

As we recently revealed, top carp angler Terry Cheesman has been amongst the anglers to sadly die during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other noted anglers, including match fishing great Denis White, have thankfully recovered, but only after a scary battle of their own.

The Angling Trust is hoping angling can be phased back in when lockdown restrictions are eased. They have put forward a special report to the government.

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