ANGLERS have hit out at an anti-angler article produced by the massive and influential Royal Society for the Protection of Birds who were defending cormorants eating valuable coarse fish.

Simon Barnes wrote the article in the RSPB’s members magazine Birds with a very unfounded and unresearched article called ‘It’s hard to deal with hate.’

Simon’s article included this emotive statement: ‘For some anglers, cormorants are evil. They are embodiments of greed and voracity and should be shot to bits at every opportunity. The idea of a cormorant sitting insolently on its tree with a belly-full of fish, drying its wings with a smug expression on its face, knowing that the angler is unable to do a thing about it – well, that makes the angler’s blood boil.

But it has incensed many including long-standing RSPB member Hugh Miles who has made many top class angling and general wildlife films.

Passion For Angling director Hugh fumed: ‘I just want to attempt to straighten out the facts and balance the debate. The point that many don’t mention is that it takes about six years to grow a 1 lb roach and about one minute for a cormorant to swallow it!

‘Our rivers are in trouble and as a member, I’m disappointed that the RSPB seem to be in denial. It’s OK for them to allow the shooting of birds if they eat birds but not if they eat fish.

‘We need a Royal Society for the Protection of Fish, along with a million members. The balance of nature would be different then!’

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