THE biggest brace of coarse fish ever caught has fallen to a catfish enthusiast who underwent critical brain surgery earlier this year.

The coarse fish brace record-buster was Tony Corbett, 37, who fished for seven nights on a Midlands day ticket water.

His biggest catfish fell on the same day – scaling a massive 122 lb 14 oz  (picture above) and 119 lb (below).

He also caught several other cats with back up fish of 78 lb, 75 lb, 68 lb and a couple of kittens to 30 lb.

They cats were tempted using a variety of methods and baits including halibut pellets, luncheon meat and leeches.

Tony, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, told Angler’s Mail: “I had open brain surgery at the beginning of the year but still managed a 120 lb cat in April while in recovery, however I wasn’t well enough to pick the cat up for decent pictures.

“So I am over the moon with these captures as I was finally able to pick them up for decent trophy shots.”

Tony continued: “I knew beforehand of the 122 lb fish but the 119-pounder (pictured above) was a cat I thought was either a rumour or was the same fish with a case of mistaken identity.

“I landed the 119 on my own and when I realised it was also over the 100 lb mark I had to wake a pair of carp fishermen from the opposite side of the lake to help with weighing and photos,” he added.

Tony, a consultant for Catmaster Tackle and a member of the Catfish Conservation Group, was testing some new products when he made coarse fish history.

Kit used included 5 lb Catmaster Dominator rods, Shimano Thunnus 12000 reels, Catmaster GFR hooks and 50 kg braided hook link.

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