DRAGON CARP DIRECT boss Roger Surgay has reassured worried customers that no more of the famed discount tackle stores will be closing down – and the expansion into the high street continues at pace.

The move comes after making the decision to shut both their Peterlee (County Durham) and Ramsgate (Kent) branches, something Roger insists is to do purely with location not being right.

And, he says, it means more time will now be spent with the continued growth of Dragon Carp Express stores, which are being opened in existing Sports Direct stores across the UK.

“We’re obviously disappointed to be closing down Peterlee and Ramsgate but I want to reassure our customers this is not part of a wider plan,” said Roger.

“No more stores will be closing. In fact, we’ll be seeing more and more Dragon Carp Express stores open as we look to bring our best tackle bargains to the high street.

“Our expertise is in providing a superb range of match and entry-level carp gear and Peterlee and Ramsgate just weren’t the right fit for us. The customers for that kind of gear weren’t there.

“So we’ve regrettably decided to close them down and concentrate on what we’re good at: continuing to provide anglers with the biggest brand tackle at the lowest UK prices.”


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