BAIT wizard Leighton McDonnell came up with a new paste after missing chub bites while pike fishing and he was rewarded with this 7 lb 1 oz specimen.

The Tring, Hertfordshire-based specialist landed his latest jumbo chub on the Great Ouse.

His magic chub bait involved moulding the pulled pork and mackerel paste around two 13 mm hair-rigged corks.

Leighton, a chartered surveyor, explained: “I had been pike fishing recently and missed several bites from chub when using whole sardine.

“Also I had been thinking of using pulled pork but was put off because it takes six hours to slow cook, and that is to much three times a week.

“I spotted this unusual tin in the world food section of a supermarket in Old Kent Road and it smelt just right and so I combined both baits – liquidised – in a new paste.

“After ten minutes I had a chub of 3 lb 14 oz, so I moved swim and now fished a slack adjacent a long powerful crease.

“Then after just three minutes there was a couple of trembles then a brief pull, before the fish sought refuge in a near bank row of trees.

“The net got caught in some thick brambles and refused to release, but after a bit of a drama managed to land the big one,”  added Leighton, who wrote Pulling Against Fish published by Little Egret Press.

Leighton’s Ouse bait mix recipe

Try making up this paste mix in a blender at home. It was created by Leighton McDonnell and has been proving itself with big chub…

  • 2 oz wheat gluten
  • 4 oz soya flour (Holland & Barrett)
  • 14 oz ground trout pellet powder
  • Then add to five fresh free range organic eggs (organic make a huge difference, says Leighton).
  • Half a liquidised mackerel
  • Half a tin of Can Cook Pulled Pork

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