THE start to the river season on June 16 could be a good one, as we explain in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

Chub should be hungry for bait after spawning. Watch our chub spawning video by clicking on the screen arrow (left)

And the fish should have all spawned. As you can see from the rare footage below, chub have certainly been at it, as filmed by Carl and Alex, our junior online bloggers.

If you’ve had a pre-season recce, who may have been lucky enough to witness fish grouped for spawning but the chances of actually seeing them in action, as was filmed, is unlikely.

Our June 12 cover-dated special Angler’s Mail magazine is a giant, in a bag, and reveals essential tips that will really make a difference on your early season sessions.

Plus our Where To Fish This Weekend experts have rounded-up the venues they expect to start well in the first few days of the new rivers season.

Enjoy the video. If you like it click “Like” at the top of this page to share it with your Facebook friends.

Click below to watch Carl & Alex (makers of the spawning video) fishing for bream…


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