BAIT maestro Leighton McDonnell has created another winning paste that even attracted an otter as well as this 7 lb 1 oz chub.

Chinese fishing bait that you’ll not have considered using – one not available in any UK fishing shop –  was the choice of Leighton.

Tasty szechuan shredded beef – available at most Chinese takeaways – was the base for a very savoury paste that scored for Leighton on the Great Ouse in Bedfordshire.

He popped up the paste 18 inches after it was wrapped around three 12mm cork balls hair-rigged on running drilled bullet.

Leighton explained: “After feeding 50 pieces of paste over two swims, the chub came in first swim after just 15 minutes and added another of 5 lb 10 oz.

“The paste is very smelly and it even attracted an otter to the paste bed in river and then it tried to get onto bank with me where I was sitting.”

Chinese fishing bait that lured a giant chub.

Chinese fishing bait that lured a giant chub.

Leighton explained to Angler’s Mail how he uses this unusual Chinese fishing bait…

“Szechuan shredded beef contains all the ingredients that chub love such as garlic, ginger, beef, onions and chilly in a famous sweet and spicy sauce,” he said.

“I eat half and put half, after liquidising with two squid and four eggs, in paste mix with 14 oz ground trout pellet powder, 2 oz wheat gluten and 4 oz soya flour.

“You can buy the meal from any Chinese takeaway for around £5.50 which is enough for two mixes but ask them to chop vegetables small and cook them well.

“I also add dry sherry which contains dipeptides (two bonded amino acids) which creates a similar lingering taste to umami, something normal wines do not contain.

“I also add a touch of sesame oil for more taste,” added Leighton, from Tring, Hertfordshire, who wrote Pulling Against Fish published by Little Egret Press.

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