LEE BURTON caught one of the pike of the year with this huge specimen...

Cheap fishing tackle was used to tempt and conquer the impressive predator… Lee used a £10 rod and reel set!

Grimsby, Lincolnshire-based Lee went afloat on a secret reservoir in his home county.

After beating the huge pike on his cheap fishing tackle set, he could not weight it as he didn’t have any scales. It would have been well over 35 lb.

Lee told Angler’s Mail: “I went lure fishing for my very first time when after only two hours I pulled this monster out of the water.

“It measured 48.5 inches long but sadly we had no scales to weigh her.

“But the present bailiff and previous bailiff have agreed it’s the biggest pike they’ve ever seen from the water.

“Sadly I’d recently had all my fishing gear stolen. So I actually caught my new PB pike on a spinning rod and reel I bought second-hand for only a tenner.

“I caught her on a 12.5 cm Savage Gear 4D Rattle Trout which she took right at the boat.

“I caught another jack pike about ten minutes before at about 7 lb.

“My biggest pike before was on a deadbait last year which weighed 14 lb.

“I’ve caught a few decent fish in the past with a 45 lb carp and a 178 lb catfish.

“And I also had some big trout when I was on the TV show Nick Hancock’s Fishing School,” concluded Lee.

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