ANGLER’S MAIL can confirm that the majority of the CEMEX Angling fisheries portfolio has been sold to private purchasers and angling clubs.

A total of 26 lots were offered by specialist-chartered surveyors Fenn Wright and 21 lots have been sold.

Below is an overview of many of the venues that have been part of the biggest sell-off of coarse and carp fishing lakes and rivers that UK angling has ever seen.

For more and reaction be sure to read Angler’s Mail magazine (cover-dated September 4, 2012) And also check out Fenn Wright’s site www.fisheries4sale.com

For more on this story read this issue of Angler’s Mail magazine (cover-dated September 4, 2012)

1. Alresford Complex For Sale

2. Amwell Sold

3. Ashford Under Offer

4. Brewery Farm Under Offer

5. Burghfield For Sale

6. Chigborough Under Offer

7. Frimley Under Offer

8. Horton Under Offer

9. Jones Pit Sold

10. Longfield Under Offer

11. Paper Court Sold

12. Ricketts Mere Under Offer

13. Roach Pit Sold

14. Rockford Under Offer

15. St. Patrick’s Stream Sold

16. Sutton at Hone Under Offer

17. Theale 1 and 2 Under Offer

18. Westhampnett Sold

19. Wharf Pool / Stanford le Hope Under Offer

20. Yateley For Sale



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