DON'T you just love it when you don't catch what you want - but you make a great catche of something else? Well check this one out...


Dave Tomlin

A catfish session took a strange turn of events that resulted in one of the best bream hauls ever with 14 double-figure slabs to 14 lb 2 oz for Dave Tomlin (pictured above).

The 41-year-old was hoping for moggies whilst fishing the famous Darenth Long Lake in Kent, instead he made a fabulous catch of massive bream.

Local David, a team leader, said: “With my good friend Ant we were hoping for catfish but when we arrived we set up for cats but I noticed bream cruising the surface… I had only taken my catfish rods and reels so I made do with the heavier gear.

“I didn’t switch tackle as I hadn’t taken anything smaller but on the day the bream just kept coming.”

David’s tackle consisted  of 21 mm crab and krill pellets on a size 6 Korda Krank hook to 20 lb N-Trap trace.

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