A TERMINALLY ill grandfather has taken his grandson on a bucket list fishing holiday to Spain where they both landed 100 lb-plus catfish.


The trip to catfish mecca, the River Ebro, was designed as a farewell bonding session between the pair to leave the boy with lasting memories of his granddad.

Former publican Bob Walton, 59, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, organised the holiday with grandson William who he describes as his best friend, through the firm Monster Catfishing.

Monster Catfishing owner Peter Irwin explained: “Bob sent a message through our website asking about fishing for wels catfish on the Ebro.

“When I spoke to him he explained the circumstances that he was terminally ill and having chemotherapy and wanted something special for his grandson.

A match for big fish – Bob’s original diagnosis was inoperable lung cancer but that has now spread.

“I met the pair at Reus Airport and drove them to Mequinenza, and the first thing the next morning we set off to the swim I selected.

“Bob had a few kittys, but then William landed a cat of 119 lb so granddad was really proud and the holiday was going really well.

“Bob, who usually loves catching barbel on the River Trent, was then delighted to land a 101 lb moggie and a 22 lb river carp.

“But ultimately this trip wasn’t about catching monster fish but quality bonding time for granddad and grandson.

“If he is strong enough to make it, granddad is now hoping for another holiday this summer,” added Peter.

Bob takes a backseat as his 18-year-old grandson displays one of their giant catfish.

Bob, 57, said: “’It was a now or never trip and we had a fantastic week’s fishing and I hope is brings great memories for our Will my best mate and grandson.”

Anyone interested in a similar trip can get details from www.monstercatfishing.co.uk

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