CARP ANGLER Billy Matthews enjoyed the session of his life when his latest trip was interrupted by a shoal of hungry catfish.

Billy had never caught a catfish before the trip to Chigboro fisheries in Essex but soon changed that with three big fish to an estimated 100 lb.

The 21-year-old from Coggeshall explained: “I had a bit of a crazy season at the weekend.

“I didn’t have a sniff for the first night but next morning I rechucked my rods on 2 ft zig rigs and within half an hour the left hand rod was off but I lost it.

“I was gutted but rechucked on the same spot and again within five minutes it was off again.

“I realized it was not a carp but I’d never had a catfish before. I’ve had carp to over 40 lb but this blew that right out of the water.

“After 50 minutes with a 9 lb hook link I finally landed the monster catfish that I can only estimate to around the 100 lb mark.

“I could not believe it – it was bigger then me.

“Later that evening I had another catfish around the 80-90 lb mark I could only estimate as my scales only go up to 60 lb.

“I then had one the next morning that I could weigh and it was 56 lb and by far the smallest of the three.

“I spodded mixed particle and pellet over the top with yellow foam on a size 10 hook,” concluded the trainee bricklayer.

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