EXCITEMENT is mounting in anticipation of a new carp rod range due to hit the shops soon.

Carp fans will benefit after top-end rod makers Century Composites have done a deal to produce even better casting rods with a new space age material called Graphene that is 15 times stronger than diamond and is the thinnest material ever known.

The news was leaked by developer Applied Graphene to the financial markets, but Century confirmed they have struck a deal to use the material.

Simon Chicott, joint owner of Century Rods, said: “We weren’t expecting this news to be released now and it took us a bit by surprise.

“The rods aren’t yet ready to go into the shops, and we are planning to publicise the new product in the next few weeks.

“Test samples have already broken world casting records.

“We are confident that they will add an extra dimension for the specimen angler,” he concluded.

Anglers ready for new carp rods’ release

The RRP for the current top Century carp rod, the C2/D is £549, so we expect the new product will be dearer.

Bob Davies, award-winning rod builder from Fosters of Birmingham, who has been with the company since 1978, commented: “Century are an excellent rod company and their high end products sell well to the specialist angler.

“Extra casting length is popular for long-range fishing and is highly sought after and anglers seem willing to pay the extra for a quality product.

“We sell plenty of rods that retail for well over £400 and price isn’t a great barrier for anglers if the product does what it claims,” he added.

Graphene can be produced in tiny particles that can then be added to other substances like resins, paints and oils to strengthen the product. It is said to be one-million times thinner than a human hair and 200 times stronger than steel.

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