KARL ‘BERTIE’ BAXTER just can’t stop catching after helping install the ‘carp god’ at Essex’s Fryerning Fisheries!


Karl became the first person to catch all three of the 50-pounders in there with The Boss at 50 lb 8 oz.

His latest 50 came in a great catch as he added Berties Linear at 37 lb 8 oz, Riddler at 36 lb, Starburst at 37 lb 2 oz and Four Scale at 38 lb using Mainline Activ-8 boilies in 60 hours.


Ipswich, Suffolk-based Karl, a 42-year-old said: “What a session. I can’t believe it.

“I have now had three UK 50s all from Fryerning. The first angler to have all three. Wow!”

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