CARL ‘BERTIE’ BAXTER really had the blessing of the carp god after he helped install a giant statue at a fishery and then caught his target fish of 18 years.

Fryerning Fisheries in Essex had the ‘carp god’ created and Bertie put in some hard graft to get the statue in place.

And soon after he struck gold with the common called The Mommon at 50 lb 6 oz (pictured below) and then a rarely-caught Leney strain mirror of 36 lb 12 oz.

Fryerning’s ‘carp god’ is based on one of the 887 ancient statues called Moai found on Easter Island found west of South America.

Carl Baxter with the giant fish caught at the venue with its own carp god.

Carl Baxter with the giant fish caught at the venue with its own carp god.

Bricklayer Bertie, 42, from Ipswich, Suffolk, said: “I helped put the statue in and then had a 72 hour session afterwards.

“I’m not sure if it was the ‘carp god’ or a switch back to Mainline’s Activ-8 boilies after not using them for several years but they did me proud with 87 lb of fish in two casts.

“The Mommon is my second UK 50 – and a fish I dearly wanted after fishing the venue for 18 years. I fed heavy every day at my spot at 100 yards only fishing the spot at night after resting it during the day,” he concluded.

Carp god was £1,500 well spent

Co-owner Charlie Knowles told the Mail: “My dad Chris’s pal Alistair Smith is an artist and sculptor so we decided to commission the ‘carp god’ for a bit of a laugh.

“It took him six months the create and is 8 ft high with carp scales on the back and weighs 3.5 tonnes so took a bit of work to get in.

“It looks nice looking across the main lake and is £3,500 well spent,” he added.

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