HUSBAND and wife team Dave and Arezue Wright turned their attention to tench after their local carp were spawning... with great success.

The ace Manchester-based carp fishing duo both got in on the big tinca action.

Dave tempted the biggest two fish at 9 lb 12 oz and then 10 lb 8 oz oz while ‘Carping Pink girl’ Arezue tempted a 9 lb specimen (pictured above).

Arezue explained: “Always having a passion to catch a large summer tench, I asked Dave if he knew of any waters that inhabited such monsters?

“Sure enough he knew; a secluded sand quarry in deepest darkest Cheshire.

“A number of our preferred swims were already occupied and we had a hot blank day and then with light fading we learned that one of the favoured swims had become free and moved.

“As darkness fell my left-hand alarm fished tight to a marginal shelf and overhanging tree burst into life and after a short tussle I was soon nursing my first tench. It was a stunning and well proportioned tinca at a little over 6 lb.

“Rods back out, and it wasn’t long before I was again connected to an angry red-eye… only this time it felt much bigger and it equalled my PB of 8 lb.

“Bites continued but Dave only managed to have a single modest tench.

“Into the second day and the daytime temperatures soared once more but this did not deter the tench from feeding.

“A regular introduction of hemp and corn kept them coming bringing my tally to eight.

“At 1.30am Dave’s left-hand rod gave a screaming take and a better fish took flight, only it turned out to be a low double catfish.

“Just after first light we were both rudely awakened by a screaming alarm as Dave had a new PB of 9 lb 12 oz.”

Carp fishing ace Dave Wright had a brace of double-figure tench.

Carp fishing ace Dave Wright had a brace of double-figure tench.

Pink-clad carp fishing addict Arezue continued: “As we sat discussing the capture over breakfast, Dave was in again.

“This time it was a truly enormous fish, another PB at 10 lb 8 oz – making a brace of giants so many of us will only ever dream of!

“I was hoping for one last fish as we were packing up and my margin rod screamed off and after a hard battle I had a new PB of 9 lb.

“Wow, I was simply blown away,” she concluded.

The duo both used block-end feeders fished helicopter style with a size 6 hook with hair-rigged worm in five sections and then tipped with a piece of buoyant corn. This was cast over heavily baited areas of hemp and corn in the margin and at 40 yards.

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