A TACKLE shop narrowly escaped destruction when a crashing vehicle stopped inches from its front window after badly damaging the house next door.

Shop owner’s son Richard Taylor went to open up Medway Tackle in Tonbridge, Kent, at 8 am last Saturday and was amazed to find the car on the front forecourt and the area taped off by the police.

Owner Sharon Taylor explained: “It was quite a shock and a really close shave for us as a few inches more and it would have smashed into our window display and we might have had to cease trading.

“As it is we have a side entrance to the shop so we were able to open as usual although we did have a number of calls from people asking as they had seen the pictures on the local TV news.

“Apparently the crash happened at about 1.30 in the morning when a youngster, who must have been speeding, lost control of the vehicle going round a bend and it smashed through a garden wall which contained a built in old Victorian letter box.

“It then hit the front of the family house next door, taking off the gas meter from the wall, and stopped just short of us.

“There were letters everywhere and the front of the house looks like a building site, with a big crack up the wall.

“It was certainly quite a talking point for our customers,” she added.

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