BIG fish ace Martin Hodgkinson has just notched his 150th specimen over 100 lb - and he’s desperate for more, if his health lets him.


Globe-trotting Martin has been diagnosed with prostate cancer but that didn’t stop his latest trip to the River Ebro where he caught catfish to 158 lb (pictured above).

Martin helped Carp Team England win World gold in Spain in 2015, and also holds the Ebro common carp record of 63 lb 4 oz. He now wants to catch another two species over the magic ‘ton’ mark.

The 58-year-old former builder from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, told Angler’s Mail: “I would love to get to 15 ton-up species and my last trip to the Ebro I had five catfish over 100 lb and a few 30 lb carp.

“I try to do four trips abroad a year and have got four trips to Italy next year on three different lakes if my health lets me as I have prostate cancer.

“I’ve carp fished in Bulgaria, Canada, Hungry, Italy, Spain and Thailand.

“In the UK, I love my floater fishing for whatever size carp, and I’ve fished a lot of Midland waters and a few round the country

“I’m not working at the moment through health issues but I’m still trying to fish a lot,” concluded Martin.

Martin’s ton-up hall of fame

Sawfish                        1,000 lb-plus (and one at 800 lb)

Goliath grouper            650 lb

Bull shark                      400 lb

Lemon shark                 400 lb

Nurse shark                  250 lb

Mekong catfish             200 lb

Wels catfish                 176 lb

Tarpon                         180 lb

Sturgeon                      160 lb

Sting ray                      160 lb

Black-tip shark              160 lb

Arapaima                      160 lb

Hammerhead shark      130 lb

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