ENGLISH anglers were celebrating news that the Environment Agency produced a record amount of fish last year.

A whopping 520,819 fish from Calverton Fish Farm were stocked in 2018 compared with 358,552 the previous year, the Environment Agency has revealed.

But as Angler’s Mail recently reported, rod licence payers in Wales are very short changed. Their new government body, Natural Resources Wales, refuse to pay a penny to Calverton Fish Farm and stock ZERO coarse fish despite raking in £1.24 million a year.

In England last year, Calverton Fish Farm produced 11.6 tonnes of strong healthy fish. That’s an increase of 22 per cent from 9 tonnes in 2017.

The average size of each fish also increased with an average weight of the 18-month-old fish was 45 g each – an increase of 60 per cent from 18 g in 2013.

In 2018, the fish farm also stocked out 6,905,000 advanced reared larvae into the wild. The figure increased from six million in 2017.

EA head of fisheries Kevin Austin said: “The fish and larvae produced by the National Coarse Fish Farm play an important role in the work of the Agency and its partners to restore, improve and develop sustainable fisheries in England.

“All of the fish farm’s work is funded by income from fishing licence fees so it’s great to see it setting new records for the number and weight of healthy fish it has produced for recovery and re-stocking.”

Alan Henshaw, Calverton Fish Farm team leader, said: “2018 was an exceptional year in terms of the number of fish produced.

“The size and weight of the fish has also been outstanding and we have succeeded in smashing all of our production records.

“We have achieved these record-breaking figures despite the difficult conditions that resulted from the hot, dry summer of 2018.

“While the fish grew quickly in the warmer temperatures, the team had to work hard to maintain optimal oxygen and pH conditions in the ponds.

“It is a testament to their dedication and professionalism that all their hard work paid off at harvest time.”

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