A TOTAL ban on lead weights - anything above a micro shot – has been called for by Europe’s leading tackle organization.

The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association wants the trade to stop all lead weights from a No.6 shot (0.06 gr) and above for coarse, sea and game fishing.

The UK already has a law in place to protect swans and other wildlife where anything between a No.6 shot and 1 oz can’t be made of lead.

Since 2004, the European Union is actively looking into the problem of lead poisoning from fishing weights, and there have been concerns of an imminent ban by law.

But such a ban has been deferred for at least a few more years, possibly not until 2025, and EFTTA want the trade to take an pro-active step before this.

2020 at the latest

EFTTA CEO Jean-Claude Bel said: “EFTTA is appealing to manufacturers and the angling community to voluntarily stop manufacturing, importing, selling and using weights made of lead above 0.06gr and replace them with alternatives by 2020 at the latest.

“Sizes below 0.06 gr cannot be made adequately without the use of lead and EFTTA says that some very small split shot and styl sizes could still be used,” he added.

England’s governing body The Angling Trust believes the appeal is good natured but our laws are already protecting wildlife.

The Trust’s head of Freshwater Mark Owen said: “The Angling Trust considers that the present laws relating to the use of lead by anglers in England are more than sufficient to safeguard the environment and we have seen no evidence to the contrary.”


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