BAIT wizard Leighton McDonnell developed a brand new paste – and tempted this 7 lb 2 oz specimen chub third cast using it on his favourite Great Ouse.

This time the chartered surveyor based his new wonder paste on grilled beef burger… and it worked straight away.

Leighton told Angler’s Mail: “I used the paste popped up 18 inches after being wrapped around three hair-rigged 13 mm cork balls on a running drilled bullet with a size 4 hook to 6 lb line.

“After feeding 50 pieces over two swims, the chub came in the second fished swim but I am sure it had eaten bait in the first.

“This fish was cruising and splashing all over, as well as scouring margins looking for shoaled fry and it spewed out fry in the landing net.

“The paste uses grilled beef burgers as they have a unique smell for some reason.

“Also cooked food is much quicker and more energy efficient to digest than raw food. That is why monkeys stay like monkeys and humans have evolved.

“The paste is easy to make, simply liquidise the squid, eggs and beef burger and add to the powder mix and knead until a firm paste.

“My recipe (below) gives enough for a hundred 20 mm pieces plus hookbaits,” added Leighton, from Tring, Hertfordshire.

Leighton’s Big Mc paste recipe

  • 4 oz soya flour (Holland & Barrett)
  • 2 oz wheat gluten
  • 14 oz ground trout pellet
  • 2 large grilled local butcher made beef burgers (I grill from frozen)
  • 5 organic eggs
  • 2 calamari squid

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