THREE London anglers from the same family recorded 4 lb grayling each during a dream trip to a Dorset river.

The biggest of the heavyweights saw dad, James Clark, equal the British record grayling with a 4 lb 4 oz 8 dr beast.

James, a 63-year-old black cab driver, only took a quick photo of the fish next to his rod and reel (below).

The British record grayling was almost matched by giants caught his sons Terry (pictured above) and Ricky (pictured below). They chipped in with fish of 4 lb respectively.

Ricky, 42, explained: “We went to Dorset to try for PB grayling as our biggest fish were about 2 lb or so from the Test, Itchen and Kennet before.

“It was mild but brighter than I hoped but we was the first coarse anglers to get on this stretch of game river.

“We went for two days on the centrepin, trotting double red maggots and after eight grayling to 2 lb 10 oz I latched into a much better fish which tail walked a few times and was 4 lb on the dot – I couldn’t believe it.

“Then my brother and dad joined in with 4 lb fish as well. It was incredible.

“My dad won’t be bothered about claiming an equal record though and we didn’t know at the time.”

The current British record grayling is 4 lb 4 oz 8 dr caught in 2009 by Paul Mildren from a Wessex river.

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