THE final 2018 changes to the British Record Fish List have included a number of fish being accepted - but there was a 'NO' to one high-profile giant.

An official carp record bid of 69 lb 10 oz was rejected by the British Record Fish Committee due to the fish being imported at a high weight.

Vinny Parker applied to the British Record Fish Committee with Captain Jack from Cambridgeshire’s accessible Holme Fen.

But the fish (pictured below) was turned down after the Committee finally revealed they won’t accept a legally-imported carp if it is of a big size.

Captain Jack had been brought in from Israel and stocked at 41 lb.

Captain Jack was rejected by the British Record Fish Committee.

The British Record Fish Committee had previously rejected a bid for Big Rig from Shropshire’s The Avenue at 69 lb 3 oz down to it being stocked around that weight.

But now the policy seems to be clear that they will not accept legally stocked foreign carp.

A British Record Fish Committee spokesman said: “The BRFC does not wish to encourage any attempts to introduce record size fish via imports, or attempts to manipulate records by producing record-size fish through the use of deliberate fishery management practices.

“The committee has faced import and aquaculture issues in the past and ceased records for Wels catfish and for cultivated game fish as a result.

“Having considered the claim in the light of these criteria, the committee concluded that it could not accept this claim as a credible British record.

“The most significant factors contributing to this decision were the relatively high weight of the fish upon importation and upon stocking into the fishery, and the fact that the fishery had been subject to an artificial feeding regime for a considerable time following the original stocking.”

Fish accepted by British Record Fish Committee

Six records were accepted at the final British Record Fish Committee meeting of 2018, held at London’s Natural History Museum.

Lawrence King’s golden orfe of 8 lb 5 oz from Surrey’s Newdigate Farms was accepted as an equal record.

There were many changes to the British sea fish record list and all the following catches were accepted by the British Record Fish Committee were:

  • Jason Touzel’s white sea bream of 3 lb 3 oz 2 dr from Jersey shore
  • Cameron Atkinson’s shore 18 lb spurdog from north Devon
  • Ryan Wingfield’s shore 75 lb tope from Pembrokeshire
  • David Lynes’s baillon’s wrasse of 285 gr off Poole
  • John Varcoe’s boat almaco jack off Cornwall at 2 lb 1 oz 14 dr

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