THE British Record Fish Committee's final meeting of 2017 resulted in them turning down an application for the Israel-born potential record 68 lb 8 oz carp ‘Captain Jack’ from Cambridgeshire’s Holme Fen.

A year ago, they British Record Fish Committee rejected RH Fisheries’ Big Rig, another Israel strain carp from the same source, at 69 lb 3 oz.

That decision, even though the fish was over the 68 lb 1 oz official best, was made on the grounds that the carp was artificially reared.

The latest carp record claim was at 68 lb 8 oz for Captain Jack, and it was already known that the Reuben Heaton scales overweighed by 8 oz when officially tested.

The captor Nigel Ludbrook hoped that a subsequent certificate provided by the manufacturer, saying they only weighed 4 oz heavy, might be accepted as a British record weight… but this was not to be.

Chairman of the British Record Fish Committee Mike Heylin explained: “We can only go what we have in front of us and the detailed report from the Cambridge Weights and Measures Department was clear that the scales weighed 8 oz over, making the fish 68 lb and 1 oz under the record.

“Unfortunately the certificate provided by Reubens was not in the format we require and had insufficient detail so the committee decided that we had to accept the original teat result and turn down the claim,” he concluded.

Nigel told the Mail: “I was disappointed when I got the news but can understand the reasoning.

“Everyone at the committee was very helpful and considerate so it is what it is, and there is nothing I can do now.

“Reubens are top of the range scales and these were brand new so you wouldn’t expect them to weigh so much over.

“But still I have caught officially the biggest living carp in the country and no one can take that away. And I have great memories of a fantastic fish.

“It was even featured on BT Sport’s angling programme the other day.

“I actually went back to Holme Fen for two nights recently for another crack but it was very hard. Apparently no-one had caught a thing there all week. I guess that is fishing,” he added.

The BRFC also turned down any chance of wels catfish going back onto the British record list.

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