THE UK’s biggest carp, known as ‘Captain Jack’, is to be claimed as the British carp record... and is seen here being slipped back to its home after being weighed.

Captain Jack came out again only a couple of weeks after its last capture at record weight.

Nigel Ludbrook was fishing Cambridgeshire’s renowned Holme Fen Fishery for the first time, when he landed the monster weighing in at 68 lb 8 oz.

The capture eclipses the British carp record by 7 oz and tops Nigel’s own previous PB by over 30 lb.

Captain Jack came out in September at 68 lb 5 oz but the captor called “Bill” didn’t want any publicity and didn’t want to claim the British carp record.

The biggest carp listed on the British Record Fish Committee’s list remains 68 lb 1 oz – the now deceased Parrot, which lived on the Wasing Estate, Berkshire.

‘British carp record’ captor on 50th birthday

Nigel, from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, explained: “I usually fish a couple of lakes owned by my friend but as it was both our 50th birthdays this year we decided to treat ourselves to a few days at a top fishery.

“And having got the OK from our wives, went with a couple of others for a two-day session at Holme Fen.

“I had never fished there before and had no particular guidance on the water so explored the lake on arrival and, with my friend Richard Read and two others, decided on a large double swim known as ‘Beach Double’.

“I fished to a clearance in the weed at 50 yards on a Sticky Baits 18 mm Krill boilie on a snowman presentation with a 10 mm White Chocolate pop-up.”

Heart-in-mouth battle with ‘British carp record’

Nigel continued: “The bite came after about 24 hours and not long before a few fish had splashed in the swim so I was confident of a take.

“The carp took 10 to 15 minutes to land and there were problems caused by him crossing lines which put my heart in my mouth, but I managed to get it in after a hard fight.

“I knew there were two 60s in the lake but at first I thought it might be a large fifty but then my scales bottomed out at 60 lb.

“Luckily I had bought another set of scales recently which went to 120 lb for fishing in France.

“I was just stunned when it went over the record which my three friends witnessed and I have decided I will claim it.

“The owner was away on holiday in Florida but I took the pictures on my own digital camera. I still can hardly believe it – certainly the fish of a lifetime.

“It was my only fish of the session but Richard also had a fantastic fish of 53 lb and one of 32 lb 7 oz,” added the 49-year-old self-employed bricklayer.

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