ANGLER'S MAIL can confirm that the biggest barbel that was known to be alive in Britain is now dead. It is believed an otter attack was the cause.

Once caught at 20 lb 7 oz (pictured when caught by Dave Currell), the massive barbel on the River Ivel at Biggleswade Common, Bedfordshire,  has gone the same way as the record-breaking fish on the Great Ouse and River Wensum.

Ivel Protection Association secretary Graham Palmer said: “The otter situation is really frustrating but on a river there’s nothing we can do and big barbel are prone to being killed by otters.

“The people who have released these carnivores don’t stop to think who is going to pay for the food and invariably it is angling clubs.

“I’d hate to see this turn into a situation like Adams Mill on the Great Ouse where otters killed all the big fish but this isn’t the case at the moment,” concluded Graham.

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