TOP tackle shop Veals of Bristol was the centre of attention, including TV, after their man Steve Ace caught a monster 96 lb 8 oz halibut from the shore.

Reckoned to be the second-biggest ever from the shore, the catch was Steve’s last in a 22-hour ‘fishing bender’ near Bodo in Norway.

Veals Fishing Tackle revealed Steve’s sensational story on its Facebook: “Following three poor forays on a soggy freezing day realising a solitary 7lb coalfish.

“My buddy Gary Withy and I were ready to throw in the towel for the day, whilst driving into camp we noticed the wind had dropped and the late evening sun was making a belated appearance.

“We decided with a mutual glance it looked bang on to fish what we call 40 lb Ledge for the last two hours of daylight. With four baits wet, but five minutes had passed and Gary ratchet wailed off. Music to the proverbial ears.

“Gary lifted into the fish but unfortunately the fish shed the hook.

“With no time to curse my rod which was sharing Gar’s tripod has hooped over whilst simultaneously playing our favourite ratchet song.

“Twenty minutes of heart-stopping gain and loose line ensued, the fish going on long and heavy runs, finally the fish conceded, Gary was true with the gaff and the battle was won,” added Steve, 51.

National media reported that Steve’s 4ft wide halibut was cut up  into 56 fillets, worth about £1,000 at a fish market, that were given away to locals in Bodo.

Another British angler, Simon Smith, holds the unofficial world record for shore caught halibut with a monster of 111 lb 15 oz, also near Bodo, in 2014.

Steve’s huge halibut is the latest in a line of awesome recent catches to anglers, including Brits, over in Norway, which have included a monster 93 lb cod.

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