ALL-ROUNDER Nik Marten monitored the river levels and when they were perfect so tackled his local Sussex Ouse - and was rewarded with this PB 15 lb 10 oz barbel.

Forrest Row,  East Sussex-based Nik said: “All the conditions seemed perfect, mild weather, still, flood water with dropping water levels making the river fishable.

“I arrived at the swim just after dark and it looked like nobody had fished the swim since the water had been high over the bank.

“I fished a 3oz Korum feeder running rig, a 2ft soft braid hooklength, with a cube of luncheon meat soaked in sweet chilli sauce and then glugged in TG Active glug to draw the fish fished in the cease near some over hanging trees.

“I started fishing this river this season, and have only fished it a handful of times and caught a couple of smaller barbel around 5 lb and some chub. Truly a fish of a lifetime.”

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