JAMES CRAMERI created big bream history when he became the first angler to nab two 20 lb-plus bream in a lifetime with this 21 lb 12 oz beast.


The fish is the third biggest bream ever recorded. James is especially chuffed to have caught it now as he doesn’t know how much lthe venue’s big bream onger they will last.

They are under threat as  otters have recently found the secret Fenland pit.

The 47-year-old from Horringer, Suffolk, explained: “I baited with 4 kilos of mixed particles including corn, casters, pellets and maggots at 80 yards into a deep silt gulley.

“Nothing happened the first night but at 10am I had a bite but as I was playing it in the hook fell out.

“Seeing as the lake is rock hard to get bites from and the stocks of bream are incredibly low in this vast water I was pretty disappointed to lose the first fish of the session.

“More often than not you have to expect blank after blank so to lose that fish was really annoying.”

James’ big bream “truly special”

James did not have to wait too long though for further action.

He told Angler’s Mail: “About 7.45pm the bobbin rose on the right hand rod and then slowly started to drop back. I struck immediately and connected with a heavy fish.

“Praying that the hook wasn’t going to fall out this time I coaxed the fish back towards me. As it came into the margins it started to kite into some reeds.

“Giving it plenty of side strain brought the fish once again straight in front of me where I managed to net the fish first time.

“Seeing the sheer size of the bream in the net I knew I’d got something truly special. And then lifting it into the unhooking cradle I realised I’d probably caught another bream over 20 lb as my previous best was 20 lb 15 oz.

“To have caught two different bream over 20 lb is mindblowing. Talk about being ecstatic is to say the least.”

Big bream threatened by otters

James continued: “The following morning I caught a common carp of 32 lb 4 oz which had been badly damaged by an otter attack.

“Seeing that has made me truly thankful that I caught the bream when I did as I’m seeing regular sightings of otters on the lake now,” added the station supervisor for Greater Anglia Trains

As well as his two 20s, James has also notched bream of 19 lb 3 oz and 18 lb and other PBs include barbel 18 lb 15 oz, pike 27 lb 7 oz, rudd 2 lb 8 oz, zander 16 lb 11 oz, carp 44 lb 8 oz, tench 10 lb 4 oz and chub 7 lb 6 oz.

Scot Crook’s record-breaking bream was another Angler’s Mail magazine exclusive. It makes sense to keep top catches exclusive to the mag by emailing us: anglersmail@timeinc.com

Top 10 big bream caught in UK

22 lb 11 oz             Scot Crook            Ferry Lagoon      2012

22 lb 9 oz            Mark McKenna      Ferry Lagoon      2009

21 lb 12 oz            James Crameri       Fen pit      2018

20 lb 15 oz            James Crameri       Fen pit      2015

20 lb 12 oz            Michael Kennedy   Cambs lake      2013

20 lb 1 oz            Simon Lavin            Secret pit      2011

19 lb 10 oz            James Rust            Midlands pit            2005

19 lb 8 oz            Myles Gibson      Syndicate lake      2010

19 lb 6 oz            Gordon Ramsden      Oxfordshire lake            2009

19 lb 5 oz            Chris Ladds            Oxfordshire lake      2011

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