ANDY MATTHEWS had the carp trip of a lifetime catching two 50s in a three day session with this 55 lb 8 oz common, plus a 52 lb mirror.

The 52-year-old from Faversham, Kent, tackled local Wingham Carp Lake where he legered boilies at 80 yards on a shallow plateau and fished over 20 freebies.

The two-lake venue recently gave a 60-pounder to top carper Dan Taylor, and has been tipped to grow its fame even more as fish keep getting bigger.Wingham also has an eye open for a bream record.

Bright future at Wingham Carp Lake

Wingham boss and creator, Steve Burke recently told the Mail he thinks there’s a good chance of a few other 60-pounders over the next decade.

Steve told Angler’s Mail: “This fish was born at Wingham and is still growing fast, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what she’ll reach.”

“I’ve genuinely no idea if this fish could hit 70 lb. As I’ve said many times before, with the way I run Wingham we’re in uncharted territory.

“As most of the 50s were born at Wingham I don’t know exactly how old they are.  However I always predicted that the first generation of carp that were born here would grow the biggest.

“We’re lost count of the 40s in the Carp Lake at the moment as we haven’t had time to go through the photos for a while. However there’s been five different 50s plus two 49s.”

Wingham Main Lake also one to watch

Steve continued: “On the Main Lake that I opened fully for carp fishing only in March last year there’s a lot of mystery. It has already produced 11 different 40s including a scraper 50.

“The fish are even younger than in the Carp Lake, and many of us think that it’ll surpass even the Carp Lake before long. Certainly it could throw up a few surprises as it’s had very little pressure,” predicted Steve.

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