THIS week’s Angler’s Mail (cover-dated July 24, 2012) includes a special report on the Great Northern Fishing Show at Cudmore Fisheries.

The owner’s comments and those from a major stand-holder make for very interesting reading.

Here, online, are some bonus pictures from the angling show, which also included Carpfest, FishOMania and a lot more.

Major firms on hand to talk to anglers and some offering coaching included Preston Innovations, Dynamite Baits, Korum, Wychwood, Nash and Korda.

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The fine work of new Club Korum attracted keen novices and also, seen here, Sky Sports TV.


Angler’s Mail’s current mascot Koi Hodgson (left) and the now semi-retired Fabio Carpillow were on hand for photo opportunities.


Nash were amongst top carp companies doing good work to help visitors during the weekend.


There was plenty going on at the Wychwood carp area too.


Get Hooked On Fishing also helped get people hooked.


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